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Genome plastome interaction in sunflower 2. mutant plastome in various genotypic environments and its effect on heterosis

Razoriteleva, E.K.; Beletskii-Yu, D.

Genetika 15(8): 1420-1426


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 005519873

Crossing 3 extranuclear chlorina chlorophyll mutants obtained from 3629 line with a number of other sunflower lines did not remove chlorophyll deficiency in the F1. The mutant plastome effect on heterosis in hybrids was found with respect to following quantitative characters: plant height, 1000-seed weight, husk, oil content. Mutant plastids maintain as a rule a high level of nucleus-conditioned heterosis for the oil content. The extranuclear chlorophyll mutants differed in their specific combining ability. The plastome probably determined the specific combining ability inherent in various lines.

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