Genotype x environment interactions in single cross maize cultivar pirika sweet and its parental inbred lines

Miura, H.; Nakashima, H.; Meno, A.; Tsuda, C.

Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University 62(3): 211-221


Accession: 005520410

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The experiments were conducted to investigate the variations of individual buffering between single cross maize cultivar Pirika-sweet and its parental inbred lines, under eight different environmental conditions at two locations, Sapporo and Tokachi in Hokkaido [Japan]. The results obtained were as follows; There were significant genotype .times. environment interactions in many characters. These interactions implied the differences in individual buffering of genotypes. Individual buffering of Pirika-sweet varied with characters. Pirika-sweet was less stable than both parents in culm lenght, but more stable or intermediate between both parents in ear length and leaf characters. Leaf width of Pirika-sweet showed the similar pattern of response as the stable parent Ma 21547. From these results, two conclusions were obtained. First, heterozygote superiority in individual buffering is not a common phenomenon for plant characters. Second, individual buffering of homozygous parents is heritable to their heterozygous progenies for certain characters.