Genotypic control of chromosome behavior in corchorus olitorius

Kumar, D.; Paria, P.; Basak, S.L.

Cytologia 46(3): 643-648


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005520499

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Studies on chiasma frequency, internuclear variation of chiasmata and premeiotic spindle error producing heteroploid PMC , described as meiotic lability, in 8 .times. 8 diallel crosses of jute (C. olitorius L.) showed that dominant gene action plays a major role in controlling these characters. Heterosis was present for chiasma frequency and inter nuclear variation of chiasmata and was absent for meiotic lability. Low value of chiasma frequency was dominant over their higher value and higher value of internuclear variation of chiasmata was dominant over their lower value. Imbalance in heterozygotes was found in meiotic lability.