Section 6
Chapter 5,523

Germination lysis of conidia of verticillium dahliae

Visser, S.; Hattingh, M.J.

Phytophylactica 14(3): 113-118


Accession: 005522856

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The population of V. dahliae conidia in peptone medium was reduced by autolysis during incubation under varying conditions. Population reduction was positively correlated the percentage germination immediately preceding lysis. Lysis occurred more readily in standing than in shake culture. Conidia from 3-d[day]-old cultures were more prone to lysis than conidia from 7- and 14-d-old cultures. The initial population density had no significant effect on lysis. Lysis was favored by a lower nutrient level of the medium and an incubation temperature optimal for germination. Evidently, in quantitative studies of conidial germination in nutrient media, populations of conidia should be determined both before and after incubation.

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