Grain yield as influenced by seeding dates in wheat in nwfp

Khan, A.; Salim, M.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research 7(1): 14-16


Accession: 005534247

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Experiments on seeding dates were conducted at the Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI) Pirsabak, Nowshera and Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Tarnab, Peshawar during 1981-82, to determine the optimum seeding dates for two newly developed semi-dwarf wheat varieties. It was observed that early seeding resulted in higher yields as compared with late seeding. Increase in yield was primarily caused by the increase in number of spikes/unit area. Other yield components, however, were not greatly affected by seeding dates. There was a gradual decrease in yield as seeding was delayed. Last week of October appeared to be the most desirable seeding time to harvest maximum yield potential in both the tested varieties of wheat.