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Granulated metrial gland cells at implantation sites of the pregnant mouse uterus

Stewart, I.; Peel, S.

Anatomy and Embryology 160(2): 227-238


ISSN/ISBN: 0340-2061
PMID: 7457918
DOI: 10.1007/bf00301863
Accession: 005534557

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The distribution of, and synthesis of DNA by, granulated metrial gland cells at implantation sites in the pregnant mouse uterus were studied. Granulated cells were found in small numbers randomly distributed throughout the endometrium on day 4 1/2 of pregnancy. Subsequently cells of this type were lost from the antimesometrial and lateral decidua but increased dramatically in number in the developing decidua basalis. From day 7 1/2 granulated cells populated the mesometrial triangle to form the metrial gland. A high proportion of granulated cells incorporated [3H]-thymidine and the distribution of such cells is described. No granulated cells incorporated [3H]-thymidine at or after day 12 of pregnancy. The loss of granulated metrial gland cells from the implantation site is described and is due to degeneration in situ and migration via vascular channels. This latter route could be of functional significance.

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