Growth and maturation of sargassum horneri in odawa bay miura peninsula kanagawa prefecture japan

Terawaki, T.

Denryoku Chuo Kenkyusho Hokoku 485029: 1-10


Accession: 005538245

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Brown alga Sargassum horneri (TURNER) C. AGARDH is one of the most common species around Japan. S. horneri has been studied in order to obtain the possibility of artificial Sargassum-beds formation from various points of view. The growth and maturation, especially seasonal change, of S. horneri plants were carried out during January 1983 to December 1983 at Odawa bay, Miura peninsula, central Japan. (1) The maximum values in plant length and weight were observed during December to January. (2) Maturation period were observed during December to April. (3) S. horneri was in agreement with category of annual algae.