Growth productivity and excretion of chlorella spp endo symbionts from the red sea implications for host foraminifera

Saks, N.M.

Botanica Marina 24(8): 445-450


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8055
Accession: 005542825

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Chlorella spp. endosymbionts of the foraminifera Amphistegina lessonii and Amphisorus hemprichii were axenically cultured in screw-capped tubes and tested for vitamin effects on growth which was enhanced by 380-400%. Culture tubes were grown in a thermal gradient incubator ranging from C. Both algal species survived C and grew between C while optimal growth was at C. The release of metabolites by the 2 Chlorella spp. was tested. The chlorophytes released less than 1% of the total C fixed to the growth medium. Glucose and mannose were identified by TLC of the growth medium.