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Habu trimeresurus flavoviridis bites on the amami islands of japan in 1977

Sawai, Y.; Kawamura, Y.

Snake 15(1): 1-6


Accession: 005546371

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In 1977, 230 bites by habu (T. flavoviridis) were reported on the Amami Islands in which 66 bites were from the Amami Main Islands, and 164 bites were from the Tokunoshima Island. The highest morbidity of 6.74/1000 population was recorded in the Isen town of Tokunoshima Island; the lowest was 0.17 in Naze City of the Amami Main Islands. During March-Sept., 89.1% of the total bites occurred. Age of the patients was most frequently 40-50 yr, represented in 26.2 and 19.7%, respectively. Bites in males were 2-fold as frequent as those in females. Forty-nine percent of bites occurred in agricultural fields, 29% in residences and 15% on roads. During daylight hours, 6:00-18:00, 138 or 60.8% of the total bites occurred, although habu was nocturnal. Most bites occurred on extremities, 116 or 49.4% and 108 or 46% occurred in lower and upper extremities, respectively, 26.4% on fingers, 24.7% on feet, 19.6% on lower legs and 16.2% on hands. In 230 bites, no death was recorded and necrosis of muscle tissues occurred in 24 (10.4%) in which 12 (5.2%) led to ankylosis or deformity after the wound had healed.

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