Hapto globin group specific component transferrin and alpha 1 anti trypsin subtypes and new variants among the japanese

Shibata, K.

Japanese Journal of Human Genetics 28(1): 17-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0916-8478
Accession: 005548240

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The extended polymorphisms of haptoglobin (Hp), group-specific component (Gc), transferrin (Tf) and .alpha.1-antitrypsin (Pi) among Japanese by means of IEF (for Hp) were presented. The distribution of these phenotypes provides a good fit to the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The subtype allele frequencies obtained in this study were in good agreement with data presented elsewhere. The new and rare variants of these systems observed in this study were also described. The new variant of Gc allele was designated as GclC18.