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Hematobiochemistry of albino rat influenced by metanil yellow

Goel, K.A.; Sharma, S.D.

Journal of Environmental Biology 9(1 Suppl): 85-90


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-8704
Accession: 005553813

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Sublethal dose (75 mg/kg wt.) of Metanil yellow on alternate day induced signifdicant changes in haematobiochemistry of albino rat after 60 days. RBC and PCV decreased while WBC, Hb%, ESR and CT enhanced almost proportional to doses of dye administered. MCV, MCH and MCHC also altered in response to the changes of above parameters. There was a marked rise in blood hexose, BUN and cholesterol. Serum minerals phosphorus and iron decreased while calcium increased. Marked significant decrease in serum proteins after 30 doses (34 .cntdot. 74%) depicted the stressful condition of the animal after dye administration.

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