Hematologic and serum chemical values of adult female rocky mountain elk cervus elaphus nelsoni from new mexico and oklahoma usa

Wolfe, G.; Kocan, A.A.; Thedrord, T.R.; Barron, S.J.

Journal of Wildlife Diseases 18(2): 223-228


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-3558
Accession: 005553910

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Hematologic and serum chemical values were determined for 2 groups of adult female Rocky Mountain elk (C. e. nelsoni) from New Mexico and Oklahoma. Although considerable variation in values was observed between elk from the same group, the mean values for 16 of the 20 blood parameters tested were significantly different between the 2 groups. Of these, the most significant variations were observed in values which were likely to be influenced by nutritional condition and health status. When evaluating the health status of different herds kept under known conditions, hematologic and serum chemical values are probably of optimal significance when the mean values of the herds are compared.