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Hemimysis margalefi new species mysidacae from a submarine cave of majorca island western mediterranean

Alcaraz, M.; Riera, T.; Gili, J.M.

Crustaceana (Leiden) 50(2): 199-203


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-216X
Accession: 005554986

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Hemimysis margalefi sp. nov., a troglobiont mysid from a submarine cave of the island of Majorca (Western Mediterranean) was proposed and described. The species is similar to H. lamornae mediterranea, but is distinguished by its small size (4.12-5.20 mm); 3 carpopropodial segments; 3 spines on the endopod of the uropod; 8-11 spines on the margin of the telson and 20-30 small teeth in the cleft; and by the distal article of the endopodite of the maxilla oval, armed with a row of 8 distal spines.

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