Heredity in 2 types of viable mutants of linum usitatissimum induced by ethyl methanesulfonate nitrosomethyl urea and gamma rays

Bianu-Morea, M.; Marki, A.; Ochesanu, C.

Studii si Cercetari de Biologie 27(3): 227-232


Accession: 005563608

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The genetic analyses refer to the mutants "type angustipetalum" and "with orange anther" induced in 'Raja' and 'Redwing' after treatment of dry seeds with EMS and .gamma. rays, respectively. In both cases a monogenic heredity is evident, the mutant gene being recessive with a strong pleiotropic action. The action of the mutant gene "type angustipetalum" may be assimilated with the gene b1b1 and of the mutant "with orange anther" with the gene hh based on the suggestions made by Beard and Comstock. The "deficit of recessives" is insignificant in both mutants. The "residual genotype" may influence the degree of manifestation of the pleiotropic effect of the mutant gene.