Histo morphological studies on certain autonomic ganglia of buffalo bubalus bubalis

Sudhakar, L.S.; Rao, G.S.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 49(8): 636-642


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 005575782

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The histomorphology of 7 ganglia (celiacomesenteric, aorticorenal, renal, lumbar, gonadal, caudal mesenteric and sacral) in the post-diaphragmatic portion of the sympathetic nervous system of the buffalo was studied. The ganglionic neurons were surrounded by glial cells which formed capsules. The neurons were multipolar and revealed eccentrically located nucleus. Multinucleated neurons were rare. The nuclei often contained > 1 nucleolus. Finely granular Nissl material was evenly distributed in the cytoplasm or was perinuclear in location. The long diameters of these multipolar neurons ranged from 9.60-39.46 .mu., while their short diameters varied from 5.06-24.53 .mu. The density values ranged from 580-1085/mm2.