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Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5577

Chapter 5577 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Histo pathological changes in internal organs after administration of amphotericin b
, Korean Journal of Dermatology 18(6): 503-510 (1980)

Histopathological changes in rabbit spinal cord caused by bupivacaine
, Regional-Anaesthesie 5(4): 85-88 (1982)

Histo pathological changes in rabbits after long term treatment with hydrazino phthalazines with or without hyper immunization
, Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis 29(2): 175-186 (1981)

Histopathological changes in relation to cadmium concentration in horse kidneys
, Environmental Research 26(1): 1-21 (1981)

Histo pathological changes in resistant rhm corn zea mays inoculated with helminthosporium maydis race o
, Mycopathologia 77(2): 83-88 (1982)

Histo pathological changes in rice due to root infestation by the cyst nematode heterodera oryzicola
, Oryza 18(4): 233-235 (1981)

Histopatholocial changes in siderosis bulbi
, Ophthalmologica. Journal International d'Ophtalmologie. International Journal of Ophthalmology. Zeitschrift für Augenheilkunde 176(4): 205-210 (1978)

Histo pathological changes in susceptible corn zea mays inoculated with helminthosporium maydis race o
, Mycopathologia 77(2): 75-82 (1982)

Histo pathological changes in synovial membrane of joints in degenerative joint disease
, Reumatologia 15(2): 185-191 (1977)

Histo pathological changes in the adrenal glands in tetrodo toxicated albino rats
, Annals of Zoology 18(2): 89-99 (1981)

Histo pathological changes in the branchial apparatus of puntius sophore subjected to toxic doses of zinc
, Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 93(3): 352-358 (1982)

Histo pathological changes in the hypo thermic dog
, Kyungpook University Medical Journal 21(1): 300-305 (1980)

Histo pathological changes in the intestine of the fish synaptura orientalis parasitized by an acanthocephalid worm echinorhynchus veli
, Japanese Journal of Parasitology 31(2): 99-104 (1982)

Histopathological changes in the intracranial portion of the optic nerves in cerebral atherosclerosis
, Acta Neuropathologica 16(1): 77-82 (1970)

Histo pathological changes in the liver of chicks after epi embryonic injection of p di methylamino benzene butter yellow
, Acta Biologica Cracoviensia Series Zoologia 24: 45-54 (1982)

Histo pathological changes in the liver of mice following intra peritoneal administration of phyto hem agglutinin
, Folia Biologica (Cracow) 30(3-4): 169-178 (1982)

Histopathological changes in the placenta of streptozotocin induced diabetic rats
, Diabetologia 10(1): 89-91 (1974)

Histo pathological changes in the skin of rabbit during the feeding of pre imaginal phases of the tick alveonasus lahorensis argasidae
, Parazitologiya 13(3): 212-217 (1979)

Histo pathological changes in wistar rats given the oral contraceptive sophia
, Journal of Nara Medical Association 28(5): 842-863 (1977)

Histo pathological changes induced by dimethoate in the alimentary canal of heteropneustes fossilis
, Zeitschrift für Angewandte Zoologie 70(3): 265-270 (1983)

Histo pathological changes of apple bark infected by valsa ceratosperma during dormant and growing periods
, Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 48(4): 490-498 (1982)

Histo pathological changes of lymphoid organs during growth of transplanted lipo sarcoma in mice thymectomized and irradiated in adult life
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 18(2): 71-77 (1977)

Histo pathological changes of placenta induced by cyclo phosphamide in mice
, Congenital Anomalies 20(4): 365-374 (1980)

Histo pathological changes of the liver in the convalescent stage of hepatitis
, Nichidai Igaku Zasshi 38(9): 1465-1474 (1979)

Histo pathological changes of the testes of the laboratory rats exposed to air pollutants from lead metallurgy
, Acta Biologiae et Medicinae Experimentalis 6(1): 67-70 (1981)

Histopathological changes resulting by some pesticides in the common vole (Microtus arvalis pallas)
, Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 29(3): 317-326 (1981)

Histo pathological changes underlying hepatic dys function due to tetrodo toxication
, Annals of Zoology 16(2): 77-88 (1980)

Histopathological characteristics and oestrogen receptor content in primary breast carcinoma
, Virchows Archiv. A Pathological Anatomy and Histology 390(3): 347-351 (1981)

Histo pathological characteristics of pseudomembranous entero colitis
, Stomach and Intestine 18(2): 125-131 (1983)

Histo pathological characterization of ozone injury to soybean foliage
, Phytopathology 66(7): 856-861 (1976)

Histopathological correlation of the Kiel with the original Rappaport classification of malignant non-hodgkin lymphomas
, Blut 43(3): 167-181 (1981)

Histopathological diagnosis of osteomalacia
, Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology 25(1): 62-65 (1982)

Histo pathological discrimination of gallium 67 deposition in experimental tumors
, Science Reports of the Research Institutes Tohoku University Series C Medicine 25(1-2): 5-9 (1978)

Histo pathological effect of chemo sterilant colchicine on the ovarian tissues of chrysomya megacephala diptera calliphoridae
, Journal of Animal Morphology and Physiology 29(1-2): 262-264 (1982)

Histopathological effects in the palate of the rat induced by injection with different black-pigmented Bacteroides strains
, Journal of Periodontal Research 19(3): 292-302 (1984)

Histo pathological effects induced in mytilus edulis by mytilicola intestinalis and the histochemistry of the copepod intestinal cells
, Journal du Conseil Conseil International pour l'Exploration de la Mer 38(1): 6-11 (1978)

Histo pathological effects of bacillus thuringiensis on larvae of the indian meal moth plodia interpunctella and the almond moth ephestia cautella
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 72(6): 787-790 (1979)

Histo pathological effects of benomyl on blueberry stem canker development caused by botryosphaeria corticis
, Plant Disease Reporter 61(10): 874-878 (1977)

Histo pathological effects of intermittent chlorine exposure on bluegill lepomis macrochirus and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri
, Water Research 11(8): 731-736 (1977)

Histo pathological effects of larval digenea on the digestive epithelia of the marine prosobranch cerithidea californica fine structural changes in the intestine
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 28(3): 309-313 (1976)

Histopathological effects of Naja haje snake venom and a venom glad extract of the scorpion Buthus quinquestriatus on the liver, suprarenal gland and pancreas of mice
, Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology 16(3): 253-261 (1978)

Histo pathological effects of sublethal poisoning by heavy metals upon the lateral line system in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri
, Zoologischer Anzeiger 203(5-6): 378-391 (1979)

Histo pathological effects of thio urea on the ovarian development of calliphora erythrocephala
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 13(1): 34-37 (1978)

Histo pathological effects of tri ethylene phosphoramide on oocyte development of the tropical house mosquito culex pipiens fatigans
, Entomon 6(2): 143-154 (1981)

Histo pathological effects of x irradiation on the ovaries of the red cotton bug dysdercus koenigii heteroptera pyrrhocoridae
, Entomon 8(3): 277-286 (1983)

Histopathological evaluation of cocaine-induced skin lesions in the rat
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 9(2): 83-95 (1982)

Histo pathological evaluation of experimental entero anastomoses using single layer and double layer inversion and eversion techniques for calves
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 52(5): 314-318 (1982)

Histo pathological examination of chickens fed lupine seed meal lupinus albus var multolupa
, Zentralblatt fuer Veterinaermedizin Reihe A 29(3): 215-222 (1982)

Histo pathological examination of pelargonium x hortorum infected with tomato ringspot virus
, Phytopathology 66(7): 844-850 (1976)

Histopathological features and biochemical mechanism of 2-chloro-4-acetotoluidine toxicity in starling
, Experimental and Molecular Pathology 29(3): 426-441 (1978)

Histopathological features of neoplasms of the neuroblastoma group after complex antineoplastic treatment
, Patologia Polska 32(3): 395-407 (1981)

Histo pathological findings in the liver in various types of portal hypertension
, Zeitschrift fuer Kinderchirurgie 31(3): 205-211 (1980)

Histopathological findings of age-releated kidney lesions in inbred strain Fischer-344/Yit rats
, Jikken Dobutsu. Experimental Animals 29(1): 45-54 (1980)

Histo pathological findings of mice inoculated intra peritoneally with the beverley strain of toxoplasma gondii
, Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Series I 9(4): 669-677 (1976)

Histo pathological findings of rabbit eyes containing irido capsular lenses
, Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 85(3): 195-199 (1981)

Histo pathological findings of serial preparation including the total length of nerve of extremitas thoracica in leprosy
, Japanese Journal of Leprosy 49(1): 1-9 (1980)

Histo pathological findings of vital organs after hemorrhagic shock in rabbits
, Journal of Catholic Medical College 34(1): 113-122 (1981)

Histopathological grading in soft-tissue tumours. Relation to survival in 261 surgically treated patients
, Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica. Section A Pathology 91(2): 145-150 (1983)

Histopathological identification of hepatic intramitochondrial crystalloid inclusions (IMCI)
, Acta Pathologica Japonica 31(5): 747-754 (1981)

Histo pathological investigations on the healing of anastomoses of micro vessels after a combined suturing and welding technique
, Vasa 7(2): 161-166 (1978)

Histo pathological lesions in rat testis following hyper thermic shocks
, Research Bulletin of the Panjab University, Science 32(1-4): 91-104 (1981)

Histo pathological manifestation and lymph node metastasis of breast cancer part 1 on the histological manifestation of breast cancer
, Okayama Igakkai Zasshi 89(9-10): 1245-1252 (1977)

Histo pathological manifestation and lymph node metastasis of breast cancer part 2 on internal mammary lymph node metastasis and hystiocytic reactivity
, Okayama Igakkai Zasshi 89(9-10): 1253-1260 (1977)

Histo pathological morphometric study of the relationship between atypical change of intestinal metaplasia and carcinogenesis in human stomach mucosa
, Journal of Nippon Medical School 49(1): 107-122 (1982)

Histo pathological observation on the intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa in carcinoma and peptic ulcer of the stomach
, Korean Central Journal of Medicine 30(3): 369-378 (1976)

Histo pathological observation on the roots of eucalyptus citriodora and pinus caribaea var caribaea infected by root knot nematodes
, Fitopatologia Brasileira 7(1): 91-96 (1982)

Histo pathological observations following transplantation of fresh and treated bovine arterial xeno grafts in canine
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 52(6): 422-428 (1982)

Histo pathological observations of spontaneous tumors in slaughtered animals 73 cases
, Nagoya Medical Journal 24(3-4): 163-170 (1980)

Histo pathological observations of the rat esophagus and fore stomach after long term feeding of geotrichum candidum
, Acta Zoologica Sinica 28(4): 348-355 (1982)

Histo pathological observations on beauveria bassiana in larvae of lamprosema lateritialis lepidoptera pyralidae
, Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Entomologie 93(5): 456-463 (1982)

Histo pathological observations on the vector leafhopper hishimonus sellatus which sucked the sap of the dwarf diseased mulberry tree
, Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan 49(4): 342-346 (1980)

Histopathological occurrence and characterisation of calcium oxalate: a review
, Journal of Clinical Pathology 30(9): 800-811 (1977)

Histo pathological peculiarities of myo neuropathy caused by chloroquine phosphate rat rabbit guinea pig
, Naturwissenschaften 55(3): 136-137 (1968)

Histo pathological studies in experimental hemorrhagic shock in bovines
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 52(7): 511-516 (1982)

Histo pathological studies in rice sheath blight disease incited by rhizoctonia solani
, Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz 89(8-9): 523-531 (1982)

Histo pathological studies of case with an intense hemorrhage in the inner ear
, Otolaryngology 52(11): 947-952 (1980)

Histo pathological studies of cervical dysplasia its significance as a pre cancerous lesion
, Nagasaki Igakkai Zasshi 54(2): 92-101, 7-8 (1979)

Histo pathological studies of horny layer of bowens disease
, Hifu 24(6): 847-856 (1982)

Histo pathological studies of leaf blight of rose caused by alternaria alternata
, Haryana​ ​Agricultural​ ​University​ ​Journal​ ​of​ ​Research 10(3): 333-335 (1980)

Histo pathological studies of massive gliosis with microphthalmia
, Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 32(8): 1704-1711 (1981)

Histo pathological studies of patients with cerebral vaso spasm after ruptured cerebral aneurysm
, Journal of Nara Medical Association 30(1-2): 31-54 (1979)

Histopathological studies of periodontal tissue reactions using hard-setting materials for furcation perforation treatment in dogs
, Shika Gakuho. Dental Science Reports 88(5): 749-780 (1988)

Histo pathological studies of peripheral arteries in brain associated with subarachnoidal hemorrhage
, Journal of Nippon Medical School 51(2): 171-181 (1984)

Histo pathological studies of red spot disease of the japanese eel anguilla japonica part 1 natural infection
, Fish Pathology 12(1): 39-50 (1977)

Histo pathological studies of small vessels following micro vascular anastomosis
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 22(2): 243-248 (1981)

Histo pathological studies of spontaneous glomerulo nephritis in dogs
, Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Yamaguchi University 32: 69-82 (1981)

Histopathological studies in the evaluation of hydroxyapatite root canal cements
, Shika Gakuho. Dental Science Reports 86(4): 541-585 (1986)

Histo pathological studies of the labial salivary glands in patients with sjogrens syndrome 1. light microscopic study
, Bulletin of Tokyo Medical and Dental University 27(1): 9-26 (1980)

Histo pathological studies of the porous alumina ceramic implants as artificial teeth
, Shikwa Gakuho 87(9): 1247-1261 (1987)

Histo-pathological studies of tissue reactions to various root canal sealers in rabbits
, Shika Gakuho. Dental Science Reports 85(9): 1321-1327 (1985)

Histopathological studies on astrocytes in various liver diseases -a study of Alzheimer glia type II
, No to Shinkei 32(12): 1275-1281 (1980)

Histo pathological studies on bacterial diseases in carp
, Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society 7(1): 15-27 (1974)

Histo pathological studies on corn downy mildew caused by sclerospora maydis
, Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 44(2): 142-150 (1978)

Histopathological studies on distribution of spontaneous lesions and age changes in the beagle
, Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 44(6): 941-950 (1982)

Histo pathological studies on endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 22(2): 199-204 (1981)

Histo pathological studies on fat necrosis in korean native cattle
, Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development (Suweon) 20(VET SER): 35-40 (1978)

Histo pathological studies on gill 1. a bacterial gill disease of cultured eel
, Fish Pathology 14(3): 107-116 (1980)

Histo pathological studies on infected rice seed with xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae and mode of its passage from seed to seedling
, Seed Research (New Delhi) 11(1): 32-41 (1983)

Histo pathological studies on mice inoculated intra cerebrally with chikungunya virus
, Medical Journal of Kobe University 39(4): 25-34 (1979)

Histo pathological studies on parapsoriasis
, Korean Central Journal of Medicine 29(6): 573-580 (1975)

Histopathological studies on pigs with atrophic rhinitis showing retarded growth
, Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 43(2): 221-231 (1981)

Histopathological studies on radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer--analysis of undifferentiated epidermoid cancer
, Nihon Igaku Hoshasen Gakkai Zasshi. Nippon Acta Radiologica 41(3): 220-227 (1981)

Histopathological studies on suramin toxicity in a chimpanzee
, Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie 28(3): 387-405 (1977)

Histo pathological studies on testicular biopsy specimens in azoo spermia
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 20(2): 77-81 (1979)

Histo pathological studies on the changes of coronary arteries in diabetes mellitus with special reference to pathogenesis of myo cardial infarction
, Journal of Nippon Medical School 50(3): 95-113 (1983)

Histo pathological studies on the chronic gastritis accompanied with various gastro duodenal diseases
, Okayama Igakkai Zasshi 89(11-12): 1609-1626 (1977)

Histopathological studies on the effects of garlic on experimental atherosclerosis
, Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology 24(4): 261-266 (1981)

Histo pathological studies on the genital epithelium of lymnaea truncatula infested by fasciola hepatica
, Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France 105(4): 481-490 (1980)

Histo pathological studies on the intra hepatic cholestasis
, Nichidai Igaku Zasshi 37(8): 857-864 (1978)

Histo pathological studies on the liver and gills in carassius auratus exposed to copper sulfate
, Indian Journal of Fisheries 30(1): 96-98 (1983)

Histopathological studies on the pathogenesis of the cerebrovascular lesions: with special reference to the pathogenesis and the significance of the perivascular fibrosis of pial arteries
, Nihon Ika Daigaku Zasshi 48(6): 825-837 (1981)

Histo pathological studies on tuberculin cutaneous hyper sensitivity
, Yokohama Medical Journal 33(2): 175-190 (1982)

Histo pathological studies on vibriosis of the japanese eel anguilla japonica part 1 natural infection
, Fish Pathology 12(3): 163-170 (1977)

Histopathological studies with reference to chronic cadmium acetate intoxication in kidneys of squirrels
, Industrial Health 18(3): 147-152 (1980)

Histopathological studies with reference to chronic cadmium exposure in adrenal and spleen of common Indian ground squirrel (Funambulus pennanti, Wroughton)
, Industrial Health 19(1): 9-14 (1981)

Histopathological study of adult cytomegalic inclusion retino-uveitis
, Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 84(9): 1367-1375 (1980)

Histo pathological study of aging in the posterior portion of human cervical vertebral bodies and discs especially on the early ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
, Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association 57(12): 1881-1894 (1983)

Histo pathological study of experimental allergic uveitis in rabbits
, Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 32(9): 1883-1890 (1981)

Histo pathological study of gastro intestinal lesions with skin manifestations
, Stomach and Intestine 18(5): 465-473 (1983)

Histopathological study of gingival pigmentation caused by full cast crown
, Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College 22(2): 51-66 (1981)

Histo pathological study of myo cardial infarction 2
, Kurume Medical Journal 26(2): 99-102 (1979)

Histo pathological study of newcastle disease in experimental cases
, Revista CENIC Ciencias Biologicas 10(1): 15-28 (1979)

Histo pathological study of peri dermatitis
, Dermatologica (Basel) 163(5): 361-369 (1981)

Histopathological study of radiated giant cell tumour of the bone
, Indian Journal of Cancer 14(3): 241-248 (1977)

Histo pathological study of sebaceous gland carcinoma of the eyelid
, Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 32(10): 2235-2240 (1981)

Histo pathological study of testicular tumors analysis of 30 cases
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 22(2): 173-180 (1981)

Histopathological study of the adverse effects of prolonged respiratory therapy on the neonate lung
, Acta Pathologica Japonica 31(2): 199-210 (1981)

Histopathological study of the bismuth line formation in rat gingiva
, Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College 18(3): 139-156 (1977)

Histo pathological study of the cardiac conduction system in 10 cases with marked left axis deviation
, Journal of Tokyo Medical College 39(4): 649-660 (1981)

Histopathological study of the endometrium in uterine sterility--functional abnormality of the endometrium in nidative stage
, Nihon Funin Gakkai Zasshi 20(3): 45-56 (1975)

Histo pathological study of the rat pancreas after chronic administration of steroids at different dosage levels
, Rassegna di Medicina Sperimentale 26(6): 625-633 (1979)

Histo pathological study of the retrocorneal hyaline network
, Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 32(7): 1603-1606 (1981)

Histo pathological study of tissue reaction in chorio allantoic membrane and cell culture infected with camel pox and buffalo pox viruses
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 45(2): 76-80 (1975)

Histo pathological study on adenoma and carcinoma of the large intestine morphometrical analysis of structural atypism
, Tokyo Jikeikai Medical Journal 96(5): 927-940 (1981)

Histopathological study on aging of the pancreas from 423 autopsy cases
, Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Geriatrics 16(6): 574-579 (1979)

Histo pathological study on astrocytes in various liver diseases 1
, Kurume Medical Journal 26(1): 69-74 (1979)

Histo pathological study on effects of methotrexate administration on rat placentae
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 23(4): 411-423 (1982)

Histo pathological study on gastric carcinoma of linitis plastica type the relation between submucosal infiltration and ulceration in its primary focus
, Stomach and Intestine 15(12): 1357-1366 (1980)

Histo pathological study on iib gastric carcinoma lesions with reference to the mechanism of their development
, Stomach and Intestine 18(6): 663-671 (1983)

Histo pathological study on mammary dysplasia
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 21(2): 153-158 (1980)

Histopathological study on the change on the nerve distribution after gingivectomy in rats
, Shika Gakuho. Dental Science Reports 81(9): 1463-1487 (1981)

Histo pathological study on the changes of hepatic vascular system in bantis disease
, Nichidai Igaku Zasshi 36(7-8): 719-728 (1977)

Histo pathological study on the conduction system of complete right bundle branch block with special references to configuration of qrs complex
, Japanese Heart Journal 20(6): 831-842 (1979)

Histopathological study on the effects of hyperthermia on microvasculature
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 7(3): 343-348 (1981)

Histo pathological study on the histogenesis of pulmonary adenoma induced by urethane in mice
, Chung-Ang Journal of Medicine 7(3): 233-240 (1982)

Histo pathological study on the pancreas carcinoma an analytical microscopical study on intra pancreatic and extrapancreatic carcinoma extension of pancreas carcinoma by serial section method
, Stomach and Intestine 15(6): 627-635 (1980)

Histo pathological study on the vestibular toxicity of 6 amino glycoside antibiotics
, Drugs under Experimental and Clinical Research 8(3): 259-268 (1982)

Histo pathological study on vibriosis of the salmonids
, Fish Pathology 12(2): 93-98 (1977)

Histo pathological survey of male gonads of fish from petroleum production and control sites in the gulf of mexico
, Journal of Fish Biology 17(5): 593-602 (1980)

Histo pathology and defense mechanisms in simulium after severe onchocerca volvulus infections
, Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Entomologie 82(1): 53-57 (1976)

Histo pathology and histochemistry of cellular changes in psoriasis during photo chemo therapy
, Archiv fuer Dermatologische Forschung 257(3): 307-317 (1977)

Histo pathology and histochemistry of yersin type tuberculosis in rabbits development of the disease after intra venous infection with mycobacterium avium
, Acta Veterinaria Brno 48(1-4): 45-52 (1979)

Histo pathology and histochemistry of yersin type tuberculosis in rabbits enzyme histochemical study of development of the disease after infection with mycobacterium avium
, Acta Veterinaria Brno 49(1-2): 75-84 (1980)

Histo pathology and histochemistry of yersin type tuberculosis in rabbits histochemical study of development of the disease after infection with mycobacterium avium
, Acta Veterinaria Brno 48(1-4): 53-60 (1979)

Histo pathology and localization of viral antigens in the liver of hepatitis b surface antigen positive homo sexuals
, Histopathology 5(6): 623-638 (1981)

Histo pathology and melanogenic activity in vitiligo
, Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology 46(2): 99-101 (1980)

Histo pathology and ultrastructure of focal myo cardial injuries in sudden death caused by ischemic heart disease
, Sudebno-Meditsinskaya Ekspertiza 24(3): 28-31 (1981)

Histo pathology and ultrastructure of ovarian hilus cell tumor report of 2 cases
, Gynecologic Oncology 7(1): 79-101 (1979)

Histo pathology due to the presence of gracilisentis gracilisentis in dorosoma cepedianum
, Journal of Fish Biology 14(6): 593-596 (1979)

Histopathology, histochemistry and acetylcholinesterase activity after repetitive administration of fluostigmine to albino rat
, Acta Physiologica Polonica 30(5-6): 563-570 (1979)

Histo pathology in the gut tissues of the jute hairy caterpillar diacrisia obliqua due to poisoning by 3 organo phosphorus insecticides
, Dacca University Studies Part B 28(1): 75-82 (1980)

Histo pathology of 1 year old and 2 year old resisted infections by cronartium fusiforme in slash pine
, Phytopathology 66(6): 741-748 (1976)

Histo pathology of 4 spontaneous neoplasms in 3 species of salmonid fishes
, Journal of Fish Diseases 6(6): 481-500 (1983)

Histo pathology of a granulosis virus of pericallia ricini arctiidae lepidoptera
, Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala 18(1): 61-63 (1980)

Histo pathology of a microsporidian infection caused by plistophora legeri in lobesia botrana lepidoptera tortricidae
, Acta Protozoologica 22(3-4): 261-266 (1983)

Histo pathology of a susceptible chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar yellow delaware infected with fusarium oxysporum f sp chrysanthemi
, Phytopathology 71(10): 1043-1050 (1981)

Histo pathology of a symptomless chrysanthemum cultivar chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar white marble infected by erwinia chrysanthemi or erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora
, Phytopathology 71(2): 141-148 (1981)

Histo pathology of aedes stramineus larvae infected by iridescent mosquito virus
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 5: 36-40 (1980)

Histo pathology of aerococcus viridans var homari infection gaffkemia in the lobster homarus americanus and a comparison with histological reactions to a gram negative species pseudomonas perolens
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 38(1): 127-148 (1981)

Histo pathology of an eye from a patient with erythema nodosum leprosum
, Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 32(7): 1618-1624 (1981)

Histo pathology of an opecoelid trematode infection in mayfly naiads
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 27(3): 351-362 (1976)

Histopathology of artificial caries-like lesions produced by lactate buffers with tripolyphosphate and diphosphonate additives
, New Zealand Dental Journal 77(348): 57-61 (1981)

Histopathology of artificial periodontal defects in beagle dogs before and after ligature removal
, Journal of Periodontal Research 18(3): 262-275 (1983)

Histo pathology of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis delta endo toxin on aedes aegypti larvae diptera culicidae
, Entomophaga 26(2): 203-212 (1981)

Histopathology of borderline and early malignant melanomas
, American Journal of Surgical Pathology 3(6): 543-552 (1979)

Histo pathology of cankers on populus caused by cytospora chrysosperma
, Canadian Journal of Botany 61(2): 563-574 (1983)

Histo pathology of capsicum pendulum infected with potato virus x
, Acta Botanica Indica 9(2): 175-180 (1981)

Histopathology of caries-like lesions created in vitro in fluorosed and sound enamel
, Caries Research 12(5): 268-274 (1978)

Histo pathology of cassava leaf infected by xanthomonas campestris pathovar cassavae
, Fitopatologia Brasileira 8(2): 215-222 (1983)

Histo pathology of cassava tissues infected by xanthomonas manihotis
, Acta Phytopathologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 13(3-4): 383-390 (1978)

Histo pathology of chickens with clinical symptoms and negative macroscopic picture for acute mareks disease
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