Histopathology of caries-like lesions created in vitro in fluorosed and sound enamel

Kidd, E.A.; Thylstrup, A.; Fejerskov, O.; Silverstone, L.M.

Caries Research 12(5): 268-274


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-6568
PMID: 279407
DOI: 10.1159/000260344
Accession: 005576310

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The acidified-gel artificial caries technique was used to produce in vitro caries-like lesions in fluorosed and sound enamel. Both abraded and unabraded surfaces were exposed to attack. The histological features were similar in fluorosed and non-fluorosed specimens, although the pore volumes in the body of the lesion were much less in fluorosed specimens despite their initial porosity. Where the surface was abraded, greater depth of lesion penetration was noted with no intact surface zone. The surface enamel possibly exerts some protective effect.