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Histochemical studies on genetical control of hormonal enzyme inducibility in the mouse part 1 nonspecific esterase activity and regional histology of the epididymis

Blecher, S.R.; Kirkeby, S.

Journal of Anatomy 125(2): 247-266


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8782
Accession: 005577905

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As a baseline for future cell genetic studies the distribution of non-specific esterase reaction in the various histologically distinguishable cell types of the mouse epididymis are examined. The findings are correlated with previous descriptions of the lobar structure of the organ. Assuming the sequence of lobes of the head to be as implied in these classical descriptions, the esterase activity of the epithelial cells gradates between strong to weak several times along the length of the epididymal duct. The relationship of the lobes to each other, as seen in transverse sections, is described. Methodological studies using different fixatives indicate that apparent similarity of esterase reaction at different sites may camouflage an underlying difference in the nature of the esterases at these sites.

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