Section 6
Chapter 5,586

Horizontal gaze position effect on intraocular pressure

Moses, R.A.; Lurie, P.; Wette, R.

IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 22(4): 551-553


ISSN/ISBN: 0146-0404
PMID: 7061223
Accession: 005585489

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Intraocular pressure was measured in different positions of horizontal gaze in 6 normal [human] subjects. Pressure was lowest in primary gaze and increased in proportion to the 2nd power of the gaze deviation from primary gaze, rising by .apprx. 2 mm Hg in 50.degree. nasal gaze and by .apprx. 3 mm Hg in 50.degree. temporal gaze. [This study has relevance for myopia development.].