Htlv 1 healthy carriers among gravidas and their neonates at yokohama city maternity hospital aiji center yokohama japan

Aihara, Y.; Okawa, N.; Hori, H.; Kamiishi, H.; Suzuki, T.; Sumiyoshi, Y.

Yokohama Medical Journal 39(3): 165-168


Accession: 005590063

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In order to prevent a vertical infection of HTLV-I, sera of all gravidas admitted to Yokohama City Maternity Hospital (Aiji Center) were screened for an anti-ATLA antibody with PA method during the period of June 1986 through November 1987. As a result, 21 out of 863 cases were found to be positive. For the positive sera a further study with IF method was carried out and it was shown that 13 out of 21 cases were ultimately positive for ATLA. The frequency of HTLV-I healthy carrier was 1.5% of all gravidas in our center and that was more frequent than expected previously. Husbands of the carrier gravidas were also examined. Three out of 9 cases were found to be HTLV-I healthy carriers. Until now 12 neonates were born from carrier mothers and 11 infants except one were bottle-fed, their antibodies have been examined periodically since their births. Those titers were decreased gradually and were not detected after 6 months. From our study it was suggested that a mass-screening for the anti-ATLA antibody in the serum of gravida was necessary for the prevention of the vertical infection.