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Human alpha1-acid glycoprotein: purification from urine proteins and immunological estimation of its serum concentration

Shibata, K.; Okubo, H.; Ishibashi, H.; Kawamura, K.

Biochemical Medicine 13(3): 251-260


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-2944
PMID: 812491
Accession: 005590292

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Human .alpha.1-acid glycoprotein was isolated from urine proteins of a patient with nephrotic syndrome. The isolated preparation was homogeneous in electrophoretical, immunological and ultracentrifugal analysis and was immunologically identical to serum .alpha.1-acid glycoprotein. A potent antiserum specific to this protein was obtained by immunizing rabbits. Using purified .alpha.1-acid glycoprotein and its prepared antiserum, the concentration of .alpha.1-acid glycoprotein in human serum was determined by a single radial immunodiffusion. The mean value of this glycoprotein in serum was 96.5 .+-. 3.1 mg/dl for normal individuals.

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