Section 6
Chapter 5,596

Human serum levels of alpha 2 macro globulin ceruloplasmin transferrin alpha 1 anti trypsin and complement beta 1 c before and after 3 and 6 days penicillamine administration

Cegla, U.H.

Zeitschrift fuer Rheumatologie 34(9-10): 301-308


Accession: 005595024

The serum levels of .alpha.-1-antitrypsin, ceruloplasmin, transferrin, .alpha.-2-macroglobulin and complement (.beta.-1-C) were measured by radioimmunodiffusion before treatment, after 3 days treatment with D-penicillamine (100 g.i.v. daily) and after treatment for 3 days with 2 .times. 1.00 g.i.v. D-penicillamine. The levels of .alpha.-2-macroglobulin, coeruloplasmin and transferrin dropped significantly after 3 days' treatment. Doubling the dosage for 3 days induced a further drop in transferrin and ceruloplasmin. The .alpha.-2-macroglobulin was not further influenced. The levels of .alpha.-1-antitrypsin and complement were not influenced by D-penicillamine treatment.

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