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Hydrolysis of large and small starch granules from normal and waxy barley cultivars by alpha amylases from barley malt

Macgregor, A.W.; Ballance, D.L.

Cereal Chemistry 57(6): 397-402


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-0352
Accession: 005599868

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.alpha.-Amylase I, the minor .alpha.-amylase component in malted barley, was more efficient than the major component, .alpha.-amylase II, in solubilizing the 4 types of starch granules studied. Large starch granules from normal barley were particularly resistant to hydrolysis by .alpha.-amylase II. No difference was detected by scanning electron microscopy between the action patterns of the 2 .alpha.-amylases on the same starch granules. No characteristic pinholes were observed in degraded small starch granules of either normal or waxy barley, both of which were hydrolyzed by surface erosion. Large degraded granules from normal barley contained many pinholes and appeared to be hydrolyzed from the inside out. Large granules from waxy barley appeared to be degraded by a combination of surface erosion and internal digestion via pinholes from the granule surface.

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