Hypophyseal and ovarian function following a single post natal estradiol injection part 2 studies on rats in parabiosis

Fels, E.

Archiv fuer Gynaekologie 223(4): 365-371


Accession: 005606253

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The functioning of the axis hypophysis-ovary was studied in rats which had received an injection of 100 .mu.g estradiol benzoate in the 1st days of life. The experimental method was the parabiosis of 2 animals (male or female, normal or estrogenized, intact or spayed) in different combinations. Estrogenization apparently damages the hypopysis as well as the ovary to such a degree that both glands cease to function normally. Injected gonadotropins can produce luteinization of estrogenized ovaries. This effect appears only as a direct consequence of hormone administration. Exogenous gonadotropins can never trigger cyclical function of estrogenized ovaries.