Iaa oxidase activity in heterotrophic and autotrophic habituated tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi callus tissues

Szabo, M.; Tari, I.; Koves, E.

Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen (BPP) 176(8): 691-699


Accession: 005608119

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Activity of IAA oxidase was compared in auxin autotrophic and heterotrophic tobacco callus tissues. Auxin heterotrophic callus grown on auxin-free medum possessed the highest auxin dcomposing ability. Autotrophic callus tissue had a minimum activity while the enzyme activity of heterotrophic one was half of the level of the former one. Apparently, there is no direct correspondence between the auxin heterotrophy and increased IAA destructive capacity of the tissues.