Immuno histochemical identification of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes delineated by the unlabeled antibody enzyme method part 2 anatomical distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells in lymphoid organs of nude mice

Hoffmann-Fezer, G.; Rodt, H.; Thierfelder, S.

Beitraege zur Pathologie 161(1): 17-26


Accession: 005625923

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Tissue sections of the spleen, lymph nodes and Peyer's patches were examined using an immunohistochemical demonstration of T-lymphocytes in athymic homozygous nude mice possessing a known 1-5% of T-lymphocytes. Some of the few lymphocytes in the thymus-dependent periarteriolar zone of the spleen white pulp, the paracortex of lymph nodes and interfollicular area of Peyer's patches were identified as T-lymphocytes. Singular T-lymphocytes occur in the thymus-independent marginal zone of the spleen white pulp, cortex and medulla of lymph nodes, as well as the follicular and subepithelial zones of Peyer's patches. The decreased number of T-cells in nude mice is found particularly in thymus-dependent regions, and to a smaller degree may recirculate as in normal mice.