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Immunoelectron microscopy of wheat spindle streak and soil borne wheat mosaic virus doubly infected wheat triticum aestivum cultivar vona

Langenberg, W.G.

Journal of Ultrastructure Research 92(1-2): 72-79


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5320
Accession: 005630199

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In thin sections of wheat cells doubly infected with wheat spindle streak mosaic (WSSMV) and soil-borne wheat mosaic viruses (SBWMV), virions and inclusion bodies of both viruses all reacted with antiserum to SBWMV virions. Only the WSSMV virions reacted with antiserum to WSSMV virions. Anti-SBWMV IgG reacted only with SBWMV virions and not with WSSMV virions in leaf-dip preparations from doubly infected plants. The anomalous results can be explained by in vivo SBWMV capsid or inclusion body protein association with both WSSM virions and WSSMV-induced pinwheels and scrolls as well as with its own virions and inclusions bodies. Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus reacted with anti-barley yellow mosaic virus IgG in tissue sections and in leaf-dip preparations. Goat-anti-rabbit IgG labeled with colloidal gold remained active and useful after 14 month storage at 4.degree. C in protection buffer.

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