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In situ conjugal transfer of plasmid encoded multiple antibiotic resistance in escherichia coli isolated from meat

Jayaratne, A.H.G.P.; Collins Thompson, D.L.; Trevors, J.T.

International Journal of Food Microbiology 5(1): 63-72


ISSN/ISBN: 0168-1605
Accession: 005644530

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Three different Escherichia coli strains harboring transferable R-plasmids were isolated from raw meats. All three isolated were capable of R-plasmid transfer in ground meat, summer sausage, and milk. Transfer frequencies in ground beef and milk were significantly higher than in summer sausages and that observed under standard broth matings at both 25.degree. C and 30.degree. C. In situ plasmid transfer decreased with decreasing temperatures. All isolates were able to transfer multiple antibiotic resistance at 10.degree. C but not at 5.degree. C.

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