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In vitro melanin deposition on microfilariae of brugia pahangi and brugia malayi in hemolymph of the mosquito armigeres subalbatus

Ogura, N.

Japanese Journal of Parasitology 36(4): 242-247


Accession: 005649796

Live microfilariae (Mf) of Brugia pahangi and B. malayi were melanized in haemolymph samples taken from 1-day-old female adults of Armigeres subalbatus that had been injected with Aedes saline supplemented with sucrose. In cell-free haemolymph prepared by centrifugation, live Mf were only slightly melanized, while heat-killed Mf were strongly melanized. Thus, haemocytes, fat body cells, or other precipitable components in haemolymph play an important role in the melanization response against live Mf. Hemagglutinins in haemolymph may also play a role in the melanization response, since stachyose, a haptenic sugar against Ar. subalbatus haemagglutinin, inhibited melanin deposition.

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