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In vitro melanization and seasonal changes of the fin in the orange red variety of the medaka oryzias latipes

Iwata, A.

Zoological Magazine (Tokyo) 92(1): 96-101


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5118
Accession: 005649797

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The anal fin of the orange-red variety of the medaka, O. latipes, was incubated in L-15 medium and in the incubation mixture for the tyrosinase reaction (MTR). The melanization of the amelanotic melanophore of the fin was observed both in MTR and L-15 medium. The degree of melanization reaction changed seasonally. From May-Sept., the amelanotic melanophores of the fin showed melanization although iodoacetamide (IAA) was absent, while from Nov. to march, melanization was observed in neither L-15 medium nor MTR. A change in tyrosinase activity may cause the seasonal changes in the melanization reaction.

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