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In vitro studies on the radioresistance of oxic and hypoxic cells in the presence of both radioprotective and radiosensitizing drugs

Yuhas, J.M.; Li, A.P.

Radiation Research 75(3): 563-572


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-7587
PMID: 724986
DOI: 10.2307/3574843
Accession: 005651893

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In vitro studies involving CHO [chinese hamster ovary] monolayers demonstrated that the oxygenation status of the cells determines whether radioprotection or radiosensitization is observed when both Ro-07-0582 [1-(2-nitroimidazolyl)-3-methoxyisopropanol] (6 mM) and cysteine (8 mM) are present in the medium. This combination sensitizes hypoxic cells yet protects well-oxygenated ones. A comparison of individual drug effects on radiation resistance with those of the combination indicates that the latter can yield a larger therapeutic gain than either alone through reduction of drug toxicity and/or by improving relative tumor response.

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