In vivo modulation of intra cellular cyclic amp and cell growth of a lymphatic tumor in mice by cholera toxin

Holmgren, J.; Lange, S.; Lindholm, L.; Lonnroth, C.; Lonnroth, I.

Experimental Cell Research 108(1): 31-40


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4827
Accession: 005655269

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The possibilities to interfere with cell growth and cyclicthymidine incorporation (autoradiography). Choleragenoid, a toxin analog devoid of adenylate cyclase activating capacity, has no effect on proliferation of YAC cells. Binding of CT to YAC cell surface receptors occurs within 1 min on in vitro incubation or following i.p. injection and within 1 h after i.v. injection. In addition to demonstrating membrane capping of receptor-bound toxin immunofluorescence studies and experiments with radiolabeled CT suggest penetration of CT into the cell membrane although toxin is not found in appreciable amounts in the cytosol. I.p. and i.v. injection of CT cause a manifold increase of cAMP levels in YAC cells. The kinetics but not the magnitude of the cAMP response differs in a characteristic manner between cells in rapid (day 5) and slow (day 10) growth.