Incidence of chromosome aberrations in a human lymphocyte culture at different mitotic cycle stages following neutron irradiation

Sevan'kaev A.V.; Bogatykh, B.A.; Obaturov, G.M.

Radiobiologiya 25(4): 489-494


Accession: 005658521

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Incidence of chromosome aberrations at different mitotic cycle stages of a human lymphocyte culture has been studied after exposure to 60Co-.gamma.-quanta (2 Gy) and neutrons of 0.85 Mev (1 Gy) and 0.35 MeV (0.5 Gy). The yield of chromosome aberrations with both .gamma.- and neutron-radiation depends on a stage of the mitotic cycle. The S stage is the most radioresistant one with both types of ionizing radiation.