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Incidental dolphin mortality in the eastern tropical pacific tuna fishery 1973 through 1978

Wahlen, B.E.

Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 84(3): 559-570


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-0656
Accession: 005659746

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Since the late 1950's, large numbers of dolphins have been killed incidentally in the yellowfin tuna purse seine fishery in the eastern tropical Pacific. Estimates of numbers of dolphins killed incidentally in this fishery from 1973 through 1978 were made previously using a stratified ratio estimator. Previous estimates were revised by reducing the number of strata and incorporating revisions in the data. Revised estimates of total mortality, which are consistently more precise than previous estimates, declined from about 100,000 dolphins per year from 1973 through 1976 to about 25,000 and 15,000 during 1977 and 1978. The decline in estimated mortality between 1976 and 1977 was primarily the result of a decline in the kill rate which coincided with a significant management action in late 1976. Other examples during the 1964 through 1982 period of such a temporal correspondence between a change in the number or distribution of dolphins killed and legal or management actions are discussed.

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