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Increased mutation frequency in capsicum annuum induced by combining x rays with ethylmethane sulfonate

Venkatrajam, M.; Devadas, N.; Subhash, K.

Indian Botanical Reporter 3(2): 125-128


Accession: 005664236

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The soaked (24 h) seeds of C. annuum, cul. CA 960 and G5 were treated with X-rays and 0.1% EMS [ethylmethane sulfonate] separately and combined. Six types of chlorophyll mutations, i.e., Xantha, albina, chlorina, viridis, maculata and striata were recovered in M2 [2nd mutant generation] of both cultivars. The frequency of chlorophyll mutations was concomitant with doses/durations. More chlorophyll mutations were noticed in CA 960, which was more sensitive then G5; it was dependent on the nature of genotypes. The combination treatments of X-rays and EMS enhance the frequency of chlorophyll mutation more than their individual treatments do.

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