Section 6
Chapter 5,665

Increased radiation resistance of vegetative Bacillus pumilus

Parisi, A.; Antoine, A.D.

Applied Microbiology 28(1): 41-46


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-6919
PMID: 4844266
Accession: 005664824

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A 4.5-fold increase in vegetative cell radiation resistance of Bacillus pumilus E601, the internationally recognized biological standard for irradiation sterilization, was obtained by the repeated passage of resistant survivors through successive sublethal doses of (60)Co irradiation. This increase in resistance was accompanied by a corresponding increase in spore resistance through the seventh irradiation passage. By the fifteenth passage, the ability for spore formation was lost. Other effects noted by the successive irradiation dosages included loss of motility and pellicle formation, and changes in the Gram reaction, cell morphology, and colonial morphology. Increased resistance was also accompanied by an increased nutritional requirement for specific amino acids. Radiation resistance was not transferred from vegetative cells to spores.

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