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Increased radioresistance of cells in cultured multicell spheroids. I. Dependence on cellular interaction

Dertinger, H.; Hülser, D.

Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 19(2): 101-107


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-634X
PMID: 7244116
Accession: 005664825

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Monolayers of 6 different cell lines [mouse tumor L cells, human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells, Chinese hamster lung fibroblast V-79 cells, mouse embryo fibroblast 3TC cells, Chinese hamster peritoneal B14 FAF28 cells, and rat tumor BICR/M1R-k cells] were investigated with respect to ionic coupling using micro-electrode techniques. In parallel, survival after Co-.gamma.-irradiation of monolayer- and spheroid cultures of these lines was compared. Spheroids of coupled cell lines were more radioresistant than monolayers (contact effect). However, cell coupling did not enhance the survival of monolayers over single cells. This suggests that the contact effect is a tissue phenomenon requiring cellular interaction but is expressed only under conditions of 3-dimensional growth.

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