Indexes of comparative and dynamic evaluation of the quality of surface waters polluted by bio degradable organic substances

Zamfir, G.

Revista de Igiena Bacteriologie Virusologie Parazitologie Epidemiologie Pneumoftiziologie Serie Igiena 29(2): 179-186


Accession: 005667009

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Pollution of surface water by bio-degradable substances is characterized by a concommitant or successive modification of some chemical, bacteriological and biological indicators. Comparative interpretation allows study of the pollution or of the auto-depuration of water. Basic indicators for assessing water pollution by organic substances include: chemical indicators (biochemical consumption of O2 and dissolved O2), bacteriological indicators (total number and number from the coli group) and biological indicators (animal and plant aquatic water pollution including variations that can be foreseen and confirmed by laboratory examination.