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Induced polygenic variation following single and combination treatment with azide ethyl methanesulfonate and gamma rays in oats avena sativa

Murthy, K.C.S.; Vasudevan, K.

Crop Improvement 11(2): 128-131


Accession: 005670014

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Induced variability following single and combination treatments with azide, EMS [ethylmethane sulfonate] and .gamma. rays with respect to plant height, number of tillers per plant, leaves per tiller, leaf length, leaf width and forage yield per plant was studied in M2 progenies of fodder oats (A. sativa L.). The observed variation in the treated population was more than that in the control population. The directional shift in mean values varied with the mutagenic treatment and dose for various characters. Chemical mutagen, in general, and azide in particular was relatively more potent and efficient in inducing useful quantitative variation in different yield traits than .gamma. rays alone.

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