Influence of controlled foraging conditions in a flying chamber on scent marking behavior and on the feeding load carried in the stomach of the foraging bee apis mellifica

Pflumm, W.; Peschke, C.; Wilhelm, K.; Cruse, H.

Apidologie 9(4): 349-362


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-8435
Accession: 005682461

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The effect of varying the concentration of sugar solutions in a flying chamber for honey bees [A. mellifica] on their foraging behavior was studied. Light and temperature in the flying room were controlled. In addition to a sugar solution-dispensing device, water ad libitum and a pollen basket were offered. The effect of varying the sugar concentration was accurately determined. In an individual bee, the time between the beginning of sucking up the solution to the drawing in of the scent organ was recorded. When a more concentrated sugar solution was offered, the duration of scent marking during suction was shortened. At constant sugar concentrations, the solution-sucking rate and the amount absorbed were not affected by the total amount of nectar available from all food sources and were comparable to those observed in the open.