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Influence of level and distribution of energy supply during gestation on live weight and reproductive performance of sows

Mueller, R.; Kirchgessner, M.

Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 57(2): 95-104


ISSN/ISBN: 0931-2439
Accession: 005687097

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In a trial with a total of 63 sows in 4 groups it was investigated over one complete gravidity, how far the level of energy intake (21.7 and 26.5 MJ ME/day) as well as an increase of energy supply from 19.6 or 24.3 MJ ME/day to 27.9 or 32.6 MJ ME/day respectively, at the 85th day of gestation have an influence on the size of litter and on the weight of sows and piglets at parturition. The level of energy supply influenced the weight gains of the gravid sows significantly, and was also reflected in significant different extrauterine weight gains. The grading of energy supply had no influence. Neither the duration of gravidity nor the number of piglets born alive or dead depended significantly on the energy supply or the distribution of the feed energy during gravidity. As well as the weight of the litter the weight of the single piglet did not increase significantly with a higher energy supply.

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