Inheritance of crude protein and alcohol soluble protein in intergeneric zea x euchlaena hybrids

Khristov, K.; Khristova, P.; Banov, B.

Genetika i Selektsiya 12(4): 267-274


Accession: 005698171

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Inheritance of crude protein and zein is of complex type. Dominant and additive gene effects have great relative importance. In 3 of 6 cases the action of dominant effects leads to reducing crude protein content, while in 4 of 5 cases it reduces zein content. Epistasis is less important in the inheritance of zein. In case teosinte is used as donor of protein a breeding program based on recurrent selection is more feasible. Additive genes for high protein content and dominant genes for zein content must be combined in such a breeding program. The minimum number of genes affecting the quantitative character in which maize and teostinte differ for crude protein is between 4 and 62 genes, while for zein it is between 3 and 30 genes. Lines having equal protein content can be of either high or low zein content. In the development of new inbred lines the selection for low zein content is more promising.