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Inheritance of phenolic compounds indoles and growth vigor in prunus crosses cherries

Nachit, M.; Feucht, W.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenzuechtung 90(2): 166-171


Accession: 005698584

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Phenotypic and genetic effects in parameters such as growth vigor and several phenolic substances plus 2 indoles in (cherry-like) Prunus were evaluated. The material consisted of 132 hybrids derived from 12 parents of the Prunus sections Eucerasus and Pseudocerasus. The biochemical compounds were isolated from growing shoot tips in June. Genetic correlations were found between phenolic substances plus indoles and growth vigor. The gene effect was about 80% for nearly all phenolic markers with a rather strong dominant variance, except for methoxyphenols, catechins and indoles having more pronounced epistatic variance.

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