Inhibition by immunoglobulin of in vitro activation of cytotoxic macrophages with lymphocyte mediator

Yamamoto, S.; Tokunaga, T.

Gan 69(2): 289-290


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-450X
PMID: 680468
Accession: 005700035

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The in vitro activation with macrophage activating factor G. Possible mechanisms of this inhibition may be as follows: MAF receptors and Fc receptors might be identical; MAF receptors might be distinct from Fc receptors but lie in close proximity on Mp surface, resulting in steric hindrance; the binding of Fc by Fc receptors might induce an alteration of Mp surface, e.g., by capping, which results in a structural change of MAF receptors; the binding of Fc might trigger a central off signal to Mp activation with MAF.