Inhibition of histamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase from the guinea pig gastric mucosa by nolinium bromide

Dousa, T.P.; Hui, Y.S.; Northrup, T.E.; Goldenberg, M.M.

Biochemical Pharmacology 28(2): 343-344


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-2952
PMID: 426848
Accession: 005703778

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Because of the potential importance of adenylate cyclase in the regulation of gastric HCl secretion, and because of considerable structural diversity between nolinium bromide (Nolinium Br) and classical H2-receptor antagonists the question of whether Nolinium Br may exert its HCl antisecretory effects through inhibition of histamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase was examined. The effects of Nolinium Br on basal adenylate cyclase activity and the activity stimulated by histamine, by prostaglandin [PG]E2 and by the non-hormonal stimulatory agents such as 5'-guanyl-iminodiphosphate [Gpp(NH)p] and NaF were studied. Nolinium Br acts as a rather specific inhibitor of histamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase from the gastric mucosa.