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Inhibition of p nitrophenol extraction by stimulation of the hepatic nerves in the perfused rat liver

Jungermann K.

Toxicology Letters 34(2-3): 247-252


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-4274
Accession: 005705815

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The influence of perivascular stimulation of the hepatic nerves on the extraction of para-nitrophenol (pNP) was studied in rat liver perfused in situ without recirculation. Electrical stimulation of the hepatic nerve plexus, which leads to a predominant activation of the sympathetic nerves, caused a decrease in pNP extraction, an increase in glucose output and a reduction in perfusion flow. Sodium nitroprusside (NPN) an inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle contraction, prevented the hemodynamic alterations without affecting the metabolic changes. These results suggest that sympathetic liver nerves regulate conjugation of pNP directly rather than indirectly via hemodynamic alterations.

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