Insect community associated with a large chestnut aphid hemiptera homoptera aphididae insect fauna of chestnut orchards in ishikawa prefecture japan part 2

Togashi, I.

Mushi 49(9): 87-93


ISSN/ISBN: 0077-2356
Accession: 005713608

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Twenty-three species of insects were observed to be associated with the large chestnut aphid [Lachnus tropicalis Cvander Goot)]. Among these, the number of honeydew feeders was 8 spp.; its natural enemies numbered 8 spp. The most important natural enemies were 3 spp., i.e., Harmonia (Ptychanatis) axyridis (Pallas), Epistrophe balteatus (de Geer) and Pauesia japonica (Ashmead). Ant species probably do not attack aphid parasites, but disturb the searching behavior of the primary parasite.