Inter relationship between indian tetraploid solanum nigrum and solanum nodiflorum ssp nutans of solanum nigrum complex

Aminuddin, A.H.K.; Beg, M.Z.

Acta Botanica Indica 13(1): 84-89


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-508X
Accession: 005719582

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Cytomorphological character of Indian tetraploid S. nigrum (n = 24) and S. nodiflorum ssp. nutans (n = 12) were studied. The reciprocal cross pollinations were made and the sterile hybrids were obtained which were at triploid level (n = 18). Chromosomal sterility and cryptic structural hybridity play important roles in hybrid sterility and genetic distinctiveness of Indian tetraploid S. nigrum and S. nodiflorum ssp. nutans.