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Internodal microvillus-like Schwann cell fingers in myelinated fibres in mouse spinal roots

Ishii, H.; Suzuki, K.; Aikawa, H.; Nonaka, I.

Journal of Neurocytology 14(2): 261-267


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-4864
PMID: 4045506
Accession: 005732285

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Collections of microvillus-like Schwann cell fingers identical to those described previously in the nodal gap substance were commonly found along the internodes of large myelinated fibers in the spinal roots of adult mice. They were covered by Schwann cell basal lamina and focally protruded from the outer cytoplasmic Schwann cell compartment. Unlike nodal Schwann cell fingers, these internodal fingers had no contact with the axolemma, but were directed toward the endoneurium. These were not recognized in the distal peripheral nerves. Internodal Schwann cell fingers in the spinal root fibers suggests that these structures may be involved in some electrophysiological regulatory mechanism in this particular region of the nervous system.

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