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Interspecific hybridization in gossypium 2. cyto morphological studies in hybrid gossypium hirsutum ha ploid 2n equals 2x equals 26 a hd h x gossypium thurberi 2n equals 2x equals 26 d 1d 1

Thombre, M.V.; Mehetre, S.B.

Cytologia 46(1-2): 291-300


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005734482

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A new interspecific hybrid (2n = 26) AhDhD1/2 was obtained by crossing G. hirsutum L. haploid (2n = 2x = 26, AhDh) with G. thurberi Tod. (2n = 2x = 26, D1D1). Observations on its morphological characters and cytology were recorded. The hybrid was highly vigorous and fairly fertile. The characters in F1 like leaf shape, gossypol glands, boll bearing and shape, rind thickness and earliness of G. thurberi which are associated with bollworm tolerance and other economic characters like plant habit, bract shape, flower color and shape, anther arrangement, seed fuzz and presence of lint of G. hirsutum were dominant. The F1 being fairly fertile it is likely to get segregants with different character combinations both on glanded and glandless background. The possibility of incorporating insect resistance in glandless lines was indicated. From the chromosome analysis in this plant it was observed that D1 chromosomes of G. thurberi show greater homology with AhDh chromosomes resulting in formation of on an average 8.8 bivalents per cell and thus a high degree of fertility.

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